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Best 100 Books on Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing can be a fun and lucrative endeavor.  The hard part is finding the right information to better assist in making a smart investment.  We have put together a list of 100 real estate investing books to help beginners all the way to supreme experts find the appropriate information for their investing needs.

1. 100 Questions Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Ask

This freshly updated version contains answers from top brokers across the country. Considered one of the best books on real estate investing first-time buyers with questions could own.

2. Trump: The Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received 

Following the advice in this book is a large part of how Donald Trump got to where he is today. Read it to find out how success in realty is earned.

3. Secrets of Top Selling Agents

Here is the key to your real estate kingdom. Find out what Barbara Corcoran, Gary Keller, Dave Liniger, and Chris Smith did to get to the top of their field.

4. Commercial Real Estate Brokers Who Dominate

Considered one of the best real estate books on the market, this is a must read for serious investors. Competition in commercial real estate can be fierce. Learn the strategies and tactics needed to come out ahead of them all.


Not every real estate investing book can claim a spot on the bestseller lists of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today but Shift can. Discover how the pros handle tough times in the real estate market.

6. The ABCs of Real Estate Investing

It’s easy to miss hidden profits when you don’t know what to look for. The property management tools found in this real estate investing book are necessary for success in a tough business.

7. Secrets Of Top Producing Real Estate Agents: And How To Duplicate Their Success

In the real estate business knowledge is the real key to success. Here is where you learn how to avoid failure and even more importantly, what causes it.

8. Real Estate Marketing

The best books on real estate investing should show all the fundamentals of marketing and this book doesn’t miss any. From how to take advantage of social media to why slogans work, they can all be found here.

9. The Best Real Estate Book for Beginners

This book comes highly recommended for those new to the real estate business. Anyone serious about committing time, energy, and money to real estate will profit from this book. In this business books on real estate investing are a “must have” because they can help you avoid costly mistakes.

10. SOLD

Real estate agents literally can’t afford to ignore the internet. SOLD is a goldmine of honestly useful information on how to get the most out of every investment dollar. It’s not uncommon for some agents to get so many leads from their site they sell them to other realtors. This book shows how they do it.

11. Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day

Also available in audio, here are 365 chapters pertaining to success as a real estate agent. Even those who have been in the business for years benefit from reading or listening for five minutes every day no matter how busy they are.

12. Real Estate National Licensing Exam Prep

Anyone studying for their real estate exam should keep this book handy. Written by a well-known educator thousands have successfully used this material to earn their broker or salesperson licenses.

13. Top 10 Expired Objections

There is big money to be made in “expired listings.” Most agents tend to ignore this opportunity but William May hasn’t. By going after the so-called “low hanging fruit” of the real estate market he’s made a huge success of his business. In this book he’s willing to share with you exactly how he did it.

14. The Essential Guide to San Diego Real Estate

There is a lot of prime real estate in San Diego and this book can help you sell your share of it. With such a diversified economy, home ownership is well within reach for most of its citizens and most real estate agents are able to do very well in this town.

15. Selling Real Estate Services

This real estate investing book gets high praise from some big names in the business. Roger T. Staubach of the Staubach Company says “it’s not about selling, it’s about winning” and he’s right. If you want to be a winner this is one of the best real estate books you could have in your collection.

16. Real Estate Marketing on Facebook

Facebook is more than just a convenient way to keep track of family and friends. It’s also a means to easily target demographics, get traffic flowing to websites, increase referrals, and a very busy closing schedule. Consider facebook as a tool, and this book an instruction manual on how to use it most effectively.

17. Buying and Investing in Land

Learn how to buy land with confidence and avoid getting scammed. Whether new to the business or experienced, both benefit from this user-friendly book. Many would like to say they offer the best real estate books on the market but the fact is, this book truly is packed with helpful information rather than being filled with useless fluff.

18. The Real Estate Sales Secret

Here’s where you find out how top agents earned their rank. Frame of mind, or mindset in regards to realty or listings is the key. The practical advice this book offers is solid gold. Learn how to get your head in the game and become known as a winner.

19. A Dose of Realty

There are solid reasons most real estate agents don’t make it. However, those reasons can all be avoided by following the advice in this book. Help with learning to change your work habits to that of a successful agent can be found in this book.

20. The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Book

Top agents share their methods in this helpful book. If you have days where you feel as if success will never be yours you can find help here. Professional realtors are very busy people, and if you would like a way to make sure your hours pay, you can find it here.

21. Secret Agents

Why waste a golden opportunity like the internet to make your investments pay? Learn how to build the kind of online profile people pay attention to with the comprehensive marketing advice found in this book. Agents that know how to market themselves get to the top faster and stay there longer.

22. How to Become a Million Dollar Real Estate Agent in Your First Year

If your serious about a career in real estate you will need this book. There are so many things that can slow you down, anyone not listing or selling a minimum of 15 properties per month will benefit from what this book can show them.

23. Real Estate Finance

This user-friendly book provides a clear understanding of residential and commercial realty finance and how the market works. Updated principles and realty practices are discussed as well as laws and regulations that guide the market today.

24. New York Real Estate for Salespersons 

Comprehensive, and written in easy to understand terms, this textbook deserves its bestseller status. NYS requirements for a 75-hour realty salesperson qualifying course are covered, key terms and concepts are summarized and a sample practice exam is provided.

25. The High-Income Mortgage Originator

Sometimes all you need to build a strong client base is the right strategy. Real estate agents that understand how a mortgage originator works are going to be better off than those that don’t. Mortgages are after all, a big part of the real estate world.

26. English-Spanish Dictionary of Real Estate 

Keeping this dictionary handy is a wise move, there is no telling when you’ll need it to close a deal. Essential real estate terms (almost 2000 of them) are covered in an easy to use format. Being able to avoid misunderstandings that slow down the process is a blessing to buyers and sellers alike.

27. Real Estate Finance 

Not all textbooks have a user-friendly format but this one does. Sections are neatly divided so data is easy to find, and graphics with excellent layout make a somewhat dusty subject that much more interesting.

28. Top 9 Secret Online Real Estate Leads Even the Gurus Do Not Know About

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop worrying about profit and concentrate more on client satisfaction? Lead products that get you nowhere are an expensive waste. The leads discussed in this book won’t waste your time or cash.

29. Flip Real Estate with QuickBooks Desktop

Obviously, to succeed in the “flip” market keeping track of finances and profitability couldn’t be more important. Trying to handle the details of more than one property at a time is when you will most appreciate your QuickBooks. Step by step instructions are provided that help keep track of important data no matter how many deals your currently juggling.

30. Essentials of Real Estate Economics

Neither brokers or salespeople need a formal economics background to benefit from this book. Basic knowledge of real estate economics are well covered and provide a clear understanding. Current economic factors are presented that often bring change to the market so that you are prepared for any eventuality.

31. Rainmaker Real Estate Agent

Rainmakers at the top of their field all have two things in common. Desire and a strong motivation to achieve their earning goals. This book targets how to get the leads that turn in to listings and then closing the deal is up to you.

32. Real Estate Agent Keys to Online Marketing Success

If you have ever watched another agents sales go far beyond yours and wondered what their secret was? Chances are they’re headed to the top because they take every advantage doing business online offers. This book offers advice on how to create he kind of successful online marketing campaign to help you get ahead of agents you previously envied.

33. Reach the Top in New Home & Neighborhood Sales

On-site realty and neighborhood sales can be very profitable when you know your way around this field. This book covers the strategies top agents use to close a deal in simple, easy to understand formats. You will learn how to use the most current information in a straightforward, easy to understand way without having to find the time for expensive seminars or corporate training.

34. Think Like a Champion

In this book Donald Trump teaches how to “think like a champion.” Success is often tied to how a person perceives any given situation, including the sale of real estate. Considering how much money this man has made in the real estate market, this book is worth a read because he’s obviously doing something right.

35. Finding the Uncommon Deal

A top New York attorney shows how you can invest in real estate at an outstanding price. People investing in property they couldn’t really afford have left quite a few available at extremely low prices. This book will show you how to find them and profit even in a negative economy.

36. Miller and Starr California Real Estate Laws Annotated

If you’re doing business in California this book is a “must have.” Access to California Desktop Codes is invaluable if you want to do well investing in real estate. Due to its popularity availability is sometimes limited, but rest assured once you have your copy you’ll see why it was worth the wait.

37. California Real Estate Finance

This well written text provides its readers with a current, practical view to real estate financing. Whether experienced or freshly licensed as a realtor, staying up to date on government regulations regarding finance in the real estate market is more than important, it’s a must.

38. How to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar In Any Market

This step-by-step guide replaces uncertainty with confidence. Written by a real estate agent successful in several states, this book helps first time sellers avoid costly mistakes. For better control and to achieve the highest net possible, this is the book to have.

39. Million Dollar Agents

If you have ever questioned what it takes to be a “million dollar agent” this book has the answer. It’s more than possible to reach the top without over-spending on on lead generation and marketing campaigns. Learn how to enjoy a steady stream of profitable referrals and earn top dollar simply by opening this book.

40. Real Estate Investors Guide to QuickBooks Desktop 2018 

A user-friendly, step-by-step guide is what QuickBooks offers with the Desktop 2017 or higher. Anyone that owns or manages rental properties will benefit from this offer. Keeping an accurate count of income vs expenses can be a little overwhelming at times, but not when you have QuickBooks to help.

41. Real Estate Brokerage using QuickBooks Desktop

A degree in accounting isn’t necessary to benefit from QuickBooks. Agents who use QuickBooks don’t have to worry about whether or not they’re in compliance with accounting regulations which leaves them with more time to focus on what’s really important. Closing the deal.

42. Billion Dollar Agent – Lessons Learned

Becoming a “billion dollar agent” isn’t impossible but it does require knowledge you can only get from those who have already earned the title. This book contains information gained from interviews with highly successful agents and what it took for them to gain that level of success. Learn their secrets and live your dream.

43. What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow… And 36 Other Key Financial Measures

A proper understanding of cash flow has a lot to do with your level of success in the real estate business. Learn to target the most profitable investments in the current market with this handy guide and watch your bottom line grow accordingly.

44. Houston Real Estate Investors Dream Team

Trying to “do it yourself” in real estate may be tempting but it can also lead to costly mistakes. This book shows the value of putting a team together to handle the many details involved in real estate and how doing so makes buying and selling as stress free as it’s likely to get.

45. Top 10 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Business Should be on Pinterest 

Social media is here to stay so why not use Pinterest to promote your real estate ability to the world. Here is a step-by-step guide on how Pinterest can be used to increase your realty profits, and grow your professional reputation. Visual media has a positive impact that plain text can’t compete with.

46. Invest In Apartment Buildings

Imagine profit with less risk and then think about purchasing or managing apartments. There are pitfalls in this area but those can be avoided by taking advantage of the advice in this book. Multifamily real estate can be extremely profitable and this guide shows you how to get your share of the cash.

47. Top Performing Agent: The Real Secrets to a Successful Career in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Even experienced agents can benefit from the secrets here. This book is full of sensible ideas and practical tips intended to help you reach and surpass career goals. Strategies for planning, marketing, and presentation are well covered and by following what you learn there’s no reason for you not to benefit from it.

48. Five Minutes to a Great Real Estate Letter: A Desk Reference for Top-Selling Agents

You may not need help writing personal letters, but when the subject is real estate, that’s another matter. This book is golden for people who hate writing business letters. Simply find the letter you want to use, insert the text, and done. You get the kind of perfectly written letter that people pay attention to.

49. Proven Strategies to Sell Your House for Top Dollar

Never again risk a good deal over poor planning. The best strategy is what has already worked before and that’s what you find in this book. Strategies for every phase are covered making the path to closing day so much smoother and easier on the nerves.

50. Secrets of Selling from Real Estate Masters

If you’re wonder what more successful agents have that you don’t the answer can be found here. Here are 17 chapters covering how the top 10% of U.S. agents ended up in their coveted positions. If you would like to join them on their level, this book can show you how.

51. Make Millions Selling Real Estate

Real estate is the best path to early retirement there is. Here is a chance to learn from top agents and earn your spot among other “million dollar agents.” Paying attention to advice that has already proven itself is the best thing you can do to advance your real estate career goals.

52. How To Become a Power Agent in Real Estate

The realtor’s essential guide to harnessing true earning power
With help from this book you can double your profits in as little as 12 months. Written by top trainer Darryl Davis, here is where he shows how effective a strong sales technique and practical management skills can be. As a motivational guide, this book belongs in every agents briefcase.

53. Your First Year in Real Estate

After 12 months if your desire to be a successful real estate agent hasn’t changed then you’re ready for this book. In it you will find many helpful tips when transitioning from “newbie” to “pro.” The real estate market fluctuates alongside the economy and books like this are going to be what keeps you up to date on all current trends.

54. Ready, Set, Sold!: The Insider Secrets to Sell Your House Fast–for Top Dollar!

Michael Corbett, author of this book, has made his millions in the real estate business and now spends quite a bit of his time touring the country sharing what he’s learned. If you can’t make it to one of his lectures reading this book is the next best thing.

55. Branded Agent

In the modern market buyers are just as likely as not to base their decision to buy on what they think of the agent they are doing business with. Top personal realty brands didn’t rise to their position without some highly effective strategy and in this book you will learn exactly how seven of them did it.

56. How to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar in ANY Market ANYWHERE!

If you’re thinking of selling your home and have no clue where to begin the process, this book is definitely for you. Once a deal has closed it’s too late to change things so they are more in your favor. This book contains information that helps sellers avoid the kind of mistakes they will end up regretting once it’s too late to do anything about them.

57. The Savvy Seller

If you’re thinking about selling property, read this first. The Savvy Seller is full of specific information regarding seller financing that helps bring top dollar for property as well as an income for life. Seller financing methods have been in use for many years and will continue because the system works.

58. How to Buy, Sell and Rent in New York City

Trying to buy, sell, or rent anything in New York City can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know what to expect. Written by a professional using inside information, this guide walks you through the entire process. After reading it you’ll be able to make informed decisions and erase some of moving’s biggest stressors.

59. Real Estate Investment Fund

Considering it’s such a short read, the amount of information included in this book is amazing. If you have cash to invest but don’t want the issues property management is famous for this is the book for you. Setting up a real estate investment fund is like having the benefits of property ownership without any of the responsibility that comes with it.

60. The Art of Buying & Selling Real Estate

Unless you have many years of experience, buying or selling property is not a good area for “doing it yourself.” This book contains information shared by agents from all areas of California. Full of insider methods, and proven strategies anyone considering real estate in California will benefit from this book.

61. The Real Estate Math Book

This book starts with basic concepts and then moves step by step through the material you will need to know to pass a state exam. In the real estate business where the least error can be disastrous, perfection is a must and that’s what this book teaches its students.

62. Real Estate Exam Top Words

If you don’t fully understand the terminology used in real estate passing an exam is chancy. This study guide covers words most often “searched” for and explains their meaning in language the average person can understand. Even if you’ve already passed all exams and acquired your license, keeping track of current phrases and newly popular words isn’t going to hurt your career.

63. Confessions of a Real Estate Professional

In this book the 10 mistakes beginners need to avoid most are well covered. Some of them can end a real estate career before it ever gets started. The best way to a clear path and success is the information found here because after all, a mistake may not end your career but it certainly isn’t going to make it any easier.

64. 5 Minutes to Maximizing Real Estate Technology

This desk reference is a must have in our technologically driven world. A lot of things have changed since the birth of the internet, including how real estate business is conducted. Staying competitive is the key to survival in this business and the information presented will certainly help you do that.

65. Inside the Sell Real Estate

Many people don’t realize how much more is involved in a real estate besides signing the paperwork. What you don’t know can turn success to failure. This book teaches in detail how to sell and avoid those pitfalls that could postpone or even cancel a closing. Learn what to expect, and what to avoid as told by professionals who have been in the business for years.

66. Selling Your House: Nolo’s Essential Guide

Nolo’s Essential Guide is aptly named because if you intend to survive and thrive in real estate it is definitely essential to have this book on your shelf. Due to a fluctuating economy and various other factors how does one get the best deal they can on their home? Nolo’s shows you exactly how it’s done.

67. Fundamentals of Modern Property Law

Real estate agents don’t need a license to practice law but keeping up to date on what’s current certainly doesn’t hurt. Every bit of knowledge you add to your agents resume is that much more you have to succeed with. Property laws are often confusing and the point of this book is to clear up any questions you may have so that you can proceed with confidence.

68. The Champion Real Estate Agent

You can either be the agent barely making it or, with the advice found in this book you can learn what it takes to be a champion of real estate. Learn what it takes to have the kind of sales records others only dream about and why this book can be found in many successful agents offices.

69. Emerging Real Estate Markets: How to Find and Profit from Up-and-Coming Areas

With this book you can be the agent others envy because you were quick enough to grab a listing before anyone else found out about it. Profit “road maps” are laid out and all you have to do is follow them to payday. Find out how to invest in markets with the most potential for success and watch your closing schedule fill up.

70. Top Dollar

The information contained in Top Dollar comes world leaders of the real estate industry. Just because some income is considered “disposable” doesn’t mean you don’t still need to get the best return you can otherwise what’s the point? The world of finance can be so incredibly complex the best thing you can do to safeguard your investment money is trust the advice of experienced professionals like the ones who contributed to this book.

71. Sell Your Home in Any Market

The real estate business may have its highs and lows but with this book whatever the current situation is you stand a better chance of a successful sale. The easy to understand strategies it presents, and tools or techniques taught are used by successful agents all across the U.S. You are shown 50 ways to increase your chances of a sale regardless of market conditions.

72. Home Selling Mastery

Learn to be a master of sales and earn the highest net possible for your efforts. If you intend to be your own agent and “do it yourself” your chances of success go way up by keeping this book handy and studying what it teaches very carefully.

73. Less Blah Blah – More Ah Ha

For your real estate income to ever match your goals, this is the book you need. There is a cure for the frustration of trying to go from listings to an actual sale and it can be found printed on these pages. Don’t let the stress of doing your absolute best and getting nowhere shut you down. What you learn in this book will more than help you meet goals, and you’ll soon be raising the bar to higher ones.

74. How to Maximize the Value of Your Home or Property

Property values may rise and fall according to the economy but one thing you can count on is property is that value will continue to be relative to others of its kind in the area. This book teaches what you can do to ensure you get the best possible price and come away a winner on closing day.

75. How to Acquire $1-million in Income Real Estate in One Year Using Borrowed Money in Your Free Time

Anyone interested in turning free time into a profitable career in real estate will benefit from what this book teaches. Learn the steps required to use borrowed money and grow it into a million dollars within one year. Included with very sound advice are several verified examples of people just like you who are millionaires now.

76. Top Agent: Stories of Success from Industry-Leading Real Estate Professionals 

Sometimes the best way to avoid disaster is by listening to the stories of another’s failure. The same is true for success, and this book is filled with both. However, rather than call them stories, call them lessons on what to do and not do in the real estate business. Read and learn from stories of hardship or disaster and how a failure can be salvaged.

77. Before You Are Licensed: 13 Actions To Jump Start Your Future Real Estate Career

This book is possibly the best thing you could do for your real estate career before it even gets started. Stats show that most new agents don’t even get celebrate their first anniversary because the money runs out before they have sufficient time to build a solid career. Unless you have access to unlimited funds the information contained here can save you from becoming just another statistic that didn’t make it.

78. 9 Top Online Real Estate Leads Even the Gurus Do Not Know About

It has happened before and it will again, sometimes there isn’t any property to sell. At that point many agents have to put their real estate dreams on hold and find another job to pay the bills. Even when the market is in poor shape, there are still ways to make money in real estate. This book shows agents how to survive and thrive regardless of low-inventory in the market.

79. Real Estate Principles

Since the beginning of Real Estate Principles, the world of real estate has changed. Especially in finance and capital sources when traditional lenders aren’t able to maintain their position and are replaced by a whole new team. Learning how to go with the flow of current trends and preparing yourself for change can literally save your career.

80. The Book of YES: The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Conversation Guide

No matter how much experience you have, if you don’t speak as if you know what you’re talking about chances are your prospect will find another agent. This book is a collection of scripts that have proven their worth with successful closings and all it takes to make use of it is a little memorization.

81. The Intelligent REIT Investor

Real estate investment trusts (REIT) are an excellent way to build wealth and meet financial goals. Use this book as the ready reference it is for success with investment trusts, and soon you’ll be at the top of your game writing a book telling others how you did it.

82. Fix and Flip Your Way To Financial Freedom

Find, buy, repair, and sell are all familiar words in the property flipping business. This book was written by a man that has successfully flipped over 15 properties at once. His business doesn’t depend on market appreciation for success. Instead, he uses his personal technique to locate property with potential, and now he’s willing to share his secret to success with others.

83. Build a Rental Property Empire

Here’s where you can find out how the masters of flipping manage to not only stay in business, but to thrive while they’re at it. Presented in a straightforward, no-nonsense way if you are interested in learning how to successfully flip a house, this book is a good place to start.

84. The Book on Rental Property Investing

Are you interested in learning how to generate wealth and a passive income? If so, any questions you may have can all be answered in these pages. Rental properties, especially multi-family dwellings can be a goldmine for savvy investors. Let this book show you how to make the best deal for the most profit.

85. The Book on Investing In Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down

Low funds don’t have to be the reason for a stalled real estate career. Learn to use other people’s money and rise to the top with Real Life Strategies. Learn how to find no or low money down properties, and boost your career with proven strategies use by top realtors all over the planet.

86. Long-Distance Real Estate Investing

Long-distance real estate investing isn’t as complicated as it may seem. If you’re interested in learning how to buy, repair, and then manage out of state properties you will need this book. Investing this way used to be considered too risky but technology has changed that. Now, it doesn’t matter where you live, this book can teach you the basics of spending your cash where it has the best chance to grow.

87. Finding & Funding Great Deals

Ask real estate investors what the toughest part of their job is, and most are going to answer with learning where to find deals with the biggest chance for success. Most can’t afford to spend time on investments that go nowhere, and that is the biggest reason you should think about buying this book. Learn to spend your time as wisely as you do your investment funds.

88. Crushing It in Apartments and Commercial Real Estate

If you’re looking for a way to flatten the competition this book is it. A Gold Award Winner in the non-fiction category, it teaches that small investors don’t have to stay that way. This beginners guide was written by a man who started with nothing, and is now the CEO of a successful real estate firm. Advice from a person who fought his way to the top is always worth paying attention to.

89. The Due Diligence Handbook For Commercial Real Estate

Here we have a # 1 Amazon best seller that teaches you the meaning of “due diligence” in regards to real estate. Buying commercial properties doesn’t have to be stressful if you follow the advice in this book. Written in a step by step format, successful agents use it faithfully when deciding whether to buy, or not.

90. Commercial Real Estate Investing For Dummies

Dealing with commercial real estate can be challenging at times but the rewards are more than worth a few anxious moments. This book is a great stress reliever because it teaches you in easy to understand ways how to win with commercial real estate and avoid the pitfalls entirely. Learn how to “recession-proof” an investment portfolio and so much more once you open it and begin to read.

91. Real Estate Investing For Dummies

Lack of confidence will never be a problem again with this book in your possession. Written by experts in the real estate field, it is full of honestly practical advice for licensed agents as well as anyone else interested in making real estate investments pay. Once again, Dummies uses a simple step by step format to teach you everything you need to know about how to succeed in the highly competitive world of real estate investing.

92. Property Management Kit For Dummies

Being a landlord doesn’t have to be a never ending nightmare. Success in rental properties is generally all about the strategy, and knowing what your responsibilities as a landlord are. Both are thoroughly covered in this book, and by the time you’ve finished it there won’t be any unpleasant surprises waiting for you later because you will be prepared to handle whatever comes along.

93. Landlord’s Legal Kit For Dummies 

Landlords need to stay aware of rental laws, and exactly what their responsibilities to their tenants are. If rental properties are your goal, the Landlord’s Legal Kit For Dummies should be your first purchase. This comprehensive legal guide includes the many forms you may or may not need, and step by step on how to complete them correctly. Also included is guidance on hiring an attorney to protect your rights when the tenant is in the wrong. Hopefully you’ll never need this section but its still nice to have just in case.

94. Flipping Houses For Dummies

Flipping Houses For Dummies highlights how easy it is to do well in this area. Let Dummies teach you how to get every last dollar possible for your flipping efforts by using the advice found in this guide. Successful flipping takes more than courage or sweat, without the kind of knowledge found in these pages, your chances of success go from 100% to maybe 50/50 on making your time and money count.

95. How to Quit Your Job with Rental Properties

Do you dream of being able to quit your day job and go into real estate full time? If so, this book is where you need to start. Rental properties generate a comfortable passive income, and here is where you learn how to make the idea work for you. Using a step by step format, learn how to say goodbye to working for other people that barely pay a speck of what a few good rental properties can bring in.

96. Real Estate Investing Gone Bad

The stories you see here are true, what you read actually happened to somebody, and this book is intended to keep their sad story from becoming yours. There are right ways and WRONG ways to invest in real estate, rentals, or flipping houses. By the time you’ve read all 21 of the stories included in this book you will know exactly what not to do.

97. Escaping the Real Estate Investing Newbie Zone

Being the new kid on the block in real estate isn’t much fun, neither is it very profitable but that doesn’t have to be your story once you’ve read and studied what this book has to say. It is possible to flip a house with no money down or credit, and here is where you learn how. The author, Chris Bruce has successfully flipped hundreds of houses and now he’s ready to share how he did it.

98. Real Estate Investor’s Guide

There is a huge amount of money to be made in flipping government-owned properties (HUD), and this investors guide can show you exactly how it’s done. Straight forward and to the point, it cuts through to what matters most until what you’re left with is real estate gold.

99. How To Invest In Real Estate Without Banks: No Tenants, No Rehabs, No Credit

If you want to learn how to build a respectable passive income that doesn’t include using credit, draining your savings, or dealing with tenants this book needs to be on your desk. For anyone serious about early retirement or financial freedom it is a must read. Learn about successful strategies unknown to others in the investment business and use them to full advantage.

100. How To Find Private Money Lenders For Your Real Estate Investing Deals

When you can’t find the money anywhere else don’ forget there are wealthy investors out there willing to make a deal. Imagine the possibilities of someone willing to invest with very little advance notice but you have to find them first. Lear how to use the step by step automated system, build your list of “ready to go” investors, and never miss another deal.