New Profit Sharing Platform With 1st Lien Security

real estate profit sharing

Earn additional returns investing in debt deals

IHT Realty Crowdfunding sponsors real estate investment projects that are expected to return a significant profit. All of our debt offerings are backed by a 1st lien note and mortgage, effectively giving these real estate investments the greatest yield-to-risk ratio offered in the industry.

Profit Sharing

real estate profit sharing

Above is a simple example of how profit sharing works with a debt investment

Normally, profit sharing is for equity investments; you are putting more at risk for the chance of higher yield. But with IHT Realty Crowdfunding sponsored debt deals, every percent of the investment that you participate in yields the listed return plus an additional stake of the net profits offered on that particular deal at no extra risk. What makes this investment platform even more unique than it’s sizable return potential, is that the investments are secured with a 1st lien note and mortgage.

1st Lien Security

When a lender is in a first lien position, they are in the priority position to benefit from any liquidation of the property which secures the loan, in the event that it is in default and the property is to be sold to recover the capital. All capital that is recovered from the loan is then returned to the investors.

Exclusive Profit Participation Offerings

Debt – Single-Family

3613 Trask St
Jacksonville, Florida


Minimum $10k
Target Hold 6mo
Profit Share 10%