What is Real Estate Syndication?

The question of, “what is syndication?” is often overcomplicated by many. The answer is simple. Real estate syndication is when investors effectively pool their intellectual and financial resources. Doing so enables them to place investments in projects and properties much bigger than they could either manage or afford by themselves. These syndicators have been in […]

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Is Crowdfunding The Best Commercial Real Estate Capital Solution For You?

investing in real estate online

The traditional process of real estate financing was drawn out, tedious and often lead to missed opportunities. Institutional banks and hard money lenders only give loans to the most creditworthy Sponsors with extensive track records. Crowdfunding arose as a solution to these hidebound resources and with the wisdom of the crowds behind the marketplace, genuinely […]

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The Benefits of Investing In Commercial Real Estate Online

The Rise of Online Real Estate Investing The internet has brought changes to nearly every industry on earth, and tenfold to commercial real estate. The fast-paced growth of technology is transforming how accredited and non-accredited investors connect with real estate sponsors and entrepreneurs of many other industries. Prior to 2013, there was a ban in […]

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RealtyeVest’s Innovative Marketplace Is Proving an Early Hit Among Real Estate Sponsors

Real Estate Marketplace

RealtyeVest Transforms its Crowdfunding Technology for Client Use Jacksonville, FLA (October 26, 2017) – RealtyeVest has once again expanded its platform to include a one-of-a-kind Marketplace. Clients can now utilize the RealtyeVest cutting-edge back-end technology to promote their own deals. Offering fully automated integration with a Sponsor’s front-end allows investors access to entire deal metrics including deal specifics, […]

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