Park Place Communities

Park Place Communities
Offering Size $150,000
Annualized Yield 12%
Min. Investment $5,000
Term 30 Months

Why We Love This Deal

A Warren Buffet Industry

In 2003, Warren Buffett proved to be way ahead of the curve, when he purchased Clayton Homes — now the largest builder of manufactured homes – for an estimated $1.7 billion.

Like Buffett, Park Place Communities has recognized the growing demand for affordable housing, and have begun aggressively acquiring and upgrading communities across the United States.


New Mobile Home Parks are largely not being developed. Sprawling metropolitan areas are crowding out many Mobile Home Communities, and municipalities’ zoning restrictions discourage development of new parks. On a net basis, MHPs decrease in supply nearly every year as properties are converted to higher and better uses as areas gentrify. The lack of new supply further increases demand and represents opportunity to fill existing parks with new units and tenants. As the U.S. wage gap continues to increase, there has been a shift towards lower-paying jobs, which leads to an increasing demand for affordable housing. Baby Boomers on fixed incomes are retiring in record numbers, creating a greater demand for affordable housing that will only continue to grow.

Winning Demographics

  • As the population continues to age and also grow, the need for affordable housing strengthens.
  • Single-family home affordability continues to decline and is at an all-time low, while the aging populations retires.
  • Over 50% of Americans are living on less than $600/week.

The Sponsor

The lien is backed by a corporate guarantee from the Sponsor, Park Place Communities, with a 12 percent interest rate paid to investors.

Andrew Lanoie is an expert at building teams and connecting people with opportunities. Formerly a Talent Agent at William Morris for 16 years, he represented some of the world’s biggest celebrities, including Tim Allen, Sheryl Crow, Barry Manilow and Peter Frampton, to name a few. In 2009, Andrew began investing in single-family residences and acquired more than 100 properties in less than four years. During this timeframe, he discovered the massive demand for affordable housing in America and chose to leave the agency and focus full-time on real estate investing.

Tony Ferris is a successful real estate investor and a published author, with a key specialization in value-add mobile home parks throughout the US. Over the course of a decade, Tony has developed a diversified investment portfolio that spans across the US. Tony brings unique strategies on how to manage properties out of state through systems and automation, and a key focus on increasing revenue and decreasing expenses from day one, resulting in a higher ROI for investors. He is masterful at value-add opportunities and forced equity strategies. Tony provides oversight of teams and day-to-day operations and while focusing on the acquisition and renovation teams.

How To Invest

You can invest in real estate crowdfunding offerings with as little as $5,000 and instantly partner with investors of similar interests. This allows you to diversify your investments across various real estate projects nationwide. If this is your first time investing in real estate crowdfunding, then you have come to the right place. To view more details about this offer visit