Top 32 Best Real Estate Investing Podcast of 2018

We have brought together some of the best real estate investing podcast series available to today’s investor. Check them out and let us know what you think.

Epic Real Estate Investing – Hosted by Matt Theriault, this real estate podcast present a creative range of topics that deals with practical maximize return, understanding the tax codes of real estate investment products, and other useful tips to uncover your millionaire real estate investor.

We Study Billionaires – The Investors Podcast is hosted by Preston Pysh and it discusses the habits, and the actions taken by the world’s wealthiest people, to have attained their tremendous wealth.

Lifetime Cash Flow – Hosted by Rod Khleif, were he helps listeners to earn more through his real estate investing podcast.

Pockets Podcast: Real Estate Investing and Wealth Building to Help You Get Bigger Pockets. Hosted by Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner, this podcast covers a variety of real estate investing techniques.

Invest For More – Hosted by a successful realtor, Mark Ferguson. Ferguson shares his experiences in real estate, and specifically, real estate investing.

Cash Flow Guys – Real Estate Investing and Cash Flow Ideas is hosted by Tyler Sheff, and it’s inspired by the great entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki and financial expert Dave Ramsey. Topics include how to build a passive income from your investment properties.

Cash Flow Diary is another great real estate podcast inspired by Robert Kiyosaki. The host is J. Massey, who is an author and speaker on the subject. He is also a real estate investor himself, and the podcast offers a huge range of helpful information.

Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow  – Hosted by Kevin Bupp, is a commercial real estate podcast. It explores the ins and outs of maximizing your cash flow results in the complex world of commercial real estate.

The Science of Flipping is chock full of helpful information when flipping homes. The host of this podcast is Justin Colby.

The Property Podcast provides the investor with a solid, common sense approach to the key issues of investing in real estate. It is a real estate podcast geared to all types of properties. Hosts of the show are Rob Bence, along with Rob Dix.

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever with Joe Fairless. He, along with a guest lineup of distinguished real estate professionals partake in lively conversation.

Real Estate Coaching Radio – Co-hosted by Tim and Julie Harris. Their expert coaching is a powerful tool for the beginner, as well as the experienced real estate investor.

Real Estate Today Radio – podcast hosted by Steven Gasque. He shares his expertise on the current trends and conditions of the real estate market. This comes to us from the National Association of Realtors.

The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast is about learning how to make money wholesaling and flipping properties. It is delivered by Todd, and the people who brought us Flip2freedom, also a podcast. The podcast teaches the no money down method of acquiring properties.

Passive Real Estate Investing offers the experience and expertise of its host, Morco Santarelli to the listeners. He shares his strategies on the steps to earning passive income.

The Virtual Real Estate Investor with Vincent Pulisi gets into detailed strategy on maximizing your return and profit. It is an interesting and informative series.

Investing in Real Estate with Clayton Morris.  Financial Freedom Through Real Estate engages the listener to build wealth through a step by step method. Mr. Morris shares his experience and expertise.

The Rental Income Podcast with Dan Lane assists rental property owners and investors in getting, and keeping more income from their property.

The House Flipping HQ Podcast with Justin Williams is another podcast on the subject of flipping. It makes for an interesting, and entertaining source of knowledge.

The No Limits Real Estate Investing podcast is an upbeat, enlightening series. It features Todd Toback as its host. He is a great speaker and educator on the topic of real estate investing.

The Real Estate Guys Radio Show mixes in some entertainment and humor while informing the listener about everything real estate related. Robert Helms and Russell Grey co-host this podcast.

The Michael Blank podcast is considered by some to be one of the best real estate investing podcast series around. His style is direct, and his advice is clear and to the point.

The Flipping Junkie – Hosted by Danny Johnson, he discuss his personal experience on flipping homes.

Rental Rookie podcast is presented by Emily and Kirk, a husband and wife duo team. This is a must for the beginner and for expert investors, who need some clarification on real estate.

Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing – Hosted by Sharon Vornholt, she gives an educational overview on real estate.

Real Estate Investing Mastery features Joe McCall as its host. He shares his knowledge of wholesaling properties, as well as other areas of real estate.

Real Estate Realities With “The Rebel Broker” is very interesting, in that the listener gets to hear the perspective of a real estate broker. The host of this podcast is Robert Whitelaw.

The Real Wealth Show With Kathy Fettke shares with its listeners the fundamental principles of building wealth with real estate. She and her husband Rich co founded the podcast.

Forever Cash is co hosted by Jack Bosch and his wife, Michelle. Jack has made millions of dollars investing in real estate. He mentors others via this podcast, to help them achieve financial success as well.

Pure Genius by Steve Cavanaugh is an inspiring, coaching program.

Land Geek is hosted by Mark Podolsky, who is an investor in his own right. Educates on his own strategies, and he also invites other experts to join in. This series is a helpful commercial real estate podcast for the investor who is interested in land deals.

Spouses Flipping Houses explores the experiences of the hosts, who have flipped hundreds of homes. Doug and Andrea Van co host the series.