ReV Single-Family
Pledge Fund

Invest in exclusive, limited single-family offerings as soon as they are available. All properties have been visited and thoroughly curated by our due diligence team.

Invest in Pledge Funds With As Little As $5,000

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Off-Market Deals

Receive access to off-market deals that will strategically differentiate you, the fund investor from non-fund investors.

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First Come, First Serve

Off-market offerings are extremely attractive and are typically only available for a few hours.

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Secured Positions

Investors will secure their capital investment through a first lien mortgage on funded deals.

What is a Pledge Fund

With a pledge fund, investors retain the ability to decide, on a deal-by-deal basis, whether to participate in investments, subject to prearranged terms and limited due diligence.

Pledge Fund vs Traditional Private Equity Fund

A pledge fund is not a “blind pool,” and as a result it is accepted that not all pledge fund investors will participate in each deal.

Key Components

At a minimum, a pledge fund consists of
  • an agreement by the manager to give investors a first look at prospective deals.
  • a set process and timeline by which investors decide whether to participate in each proposed deal, and
  • a prearranged structure and terms for deals that get executed.

Off-Market Real Estate Investments

These highly profitable, off-market offerings are very competitive so they sell quickly. The properties and or sellers are not represented by real estate agents going through multiple rounds of offers to bid-up the price. By pledging for this type of investment with the ReV Pledge Fund you can secure your position in these first-come first-serve opportunities.

Min. Invest




Annualized Yield


Profit Participation


RealtyeVest Single-Family Pledge Fund 1

RealtyeVest is seeking accredited investors to create an exclusive $1,000,000 North Florida No-Load Pledge Fund for the purpose of funding highly opportunistic, off-market real estate deals for the single family buy-renovate-sell market. By investing in this Pledge Fund you will receive access to deals that will strategically differentiate you, the pledge fund investor from non-fund investors.

RealtyeVest Pledge Fund Parameters

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The Assets

In hot real estate markets, where competition for properties is fierce, finding profitable deals is the key to making money. Experienced, successful sponsors will have mastered the art of purchasing homes in a hot, fast paced market.

Properties listed within the RealtyeVest Single-Family Fund 1 follow these parameters:

  • Off-Market
  • Single Family Residential
  • No Mobile or Manufactured Homes
  • No High Crime Areas
  • ARV Generally Between $100K - $300K
  • No Rural Areas
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Financial Overview

  • 10% Interest Paid Monthly
  • 10% Profit Participation from Net Profits
  • Secured by a 1st Mortgage with 1st Lien Position
  • All interest will be held in escrow and drawn upon for distribution for the length of term
  • Loan to verifiable ARV not to exceed 70%
  • 6 - 9 month term

The Market

All offerings included in RealteVest Single-Family Fund 1 will be located in North Florida, the hottest real estate market in the United States today according to

Additionally, Jacksonville, Florida was named the No. 2 city where everyone wants to live right now, according to new data by, The Jacksonville Metro Area is one of the 50 largest economies in the US and is well diversified with long-term growth industries.

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Downtown Jacksonville

Downtown Jacksonville is home to 7.3 million square feet of office space, more than 1,100 businesses, three Fortune 500 headquarters, several major company headquarters and more than 49,000 employees. A sizable portion of Downtown Jacksonville is within Jacksonville’s federally established Empowerment Zone, allowing businesses access to programs designed to spur economic development and revitalization.

shad khan real estate development

NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars Owner Shad Khan to Develop Shipyards Property in Jacksonville

Shad Khan’s vision entails more than $500 million of private investment. At full build-out, there would be 300 to 500 condominiums and 300 to 500 apartments, plus 300,000 to 500,000 square feet of office space. It would have 150,000 to 250,000 square feet for stores and restaurants, and 200 to 500 hotel rooms. A marina would have 250 to 450 boat slips, though final design could boost the number of boat slips to 525.

Previously Funded Single-Family Deals

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936 Ibis Rd.
Jacksonville, FL 32216



Min. Invest $5K
Target Hold 6 mo.
Investment Debt

Common Terms


A no-load pledge fund simply means that you can invest in shares of the eFund at any time without a commission or sales charge.


Off-market means that the owner is NOT submitting it to the MLS, and by association all the websites that feed off the MLS. Advertising is no more than by word of mouth or through a buyer/wholesaler network.


In a real estate pledge fund, the investor provides a commitment of moral obligation to fund deals introduced to the pledge fund by RealtyeVest that meet the outlined preset parameters and the investor's risk tolerance. Therefore, the investors provide capital on a deal-by-deal basis and will decide whether to pursue each deal independently.


A lender or creditor in a first lien position has priority in case a debtor defaults and collateral has to be liquefied to settle the debt. For example mortgage lenders are usually in a first lien position; if a borrower defaults on his payments the mortgage lender is the first creditor to receive remuneration from the sale of the property.

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