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Investing in Real Estate with a Self-Direct IRA Account

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Registration is free, easy and seamless. It offers you access to our ever-expanding menu of deals. We update our site weekly with new deals as we sell off existing opportunities. You’ll have your very own RealtyeVest Relationship Manager to handle all your questions.

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We offer single-family, multifamily, assisted living and affordable housing opportunities. We offer secured 1st Lien Note investments with profit participation (no one else offers that). Also equity opportunities with upside profits and monthly returns. We call those “Mailbox” checks.

3. Pledge, Fund & Earn

Pledge your investment without worrying about funding the deal for days. We’ll work with you and your Self-Directed IRA Custodian to take care of the paperwork. You’ll have your very own RealtyeVest Relationship Manager to walk you through the entire process. Seamless, Fun and Transparent!

Frequently Asked Questions


It’s simple. Just signup for our Realtyevest platform, find an investment opportunity and pledge.


You can finance or leverage any property that generates income. The property can be used as a form of collateral for the loan. The loan must be a non-recourse debt and the debt must be repaid with the capital in your IRA.


Your current financial Custodian might not be aware of Self-Directed IRAs. Some Custodians only offer traditional investment options, such as stocks, CDs, bonds and mutual funds. Self-Directed IRAs allow you to invest in all kinds of real estate and related assets. You can purchase commercial buildings, rental properties, rehabs, notes and much more.

A Self-Directed IRA with Checkbook Control allows you to directly manage your investments without having to go through your Custodian. This arrangement eliminates transaction, maintenance and other custodial fees.

  • When you purchase real estate with your IRA account it becomes the owner of the property, so the title of the asset must be in the name of the IRA account holder.
  • Neither you nor members of your family (other than siblings) may live in or lease the property while it's in your IRA plan.
  • You are not allowed to invest in a property that was previously owned by a member of your family, including your spouse.
  • You are not allowed to invest in a property for personal use. Purchasing real estate with your IRA account is for investment purposes only.
  • Your business may not lease or be located in or on any part of the property while it's in your IRA plan.
  • The IRA is the owner of the property so it must pay the bills and collect the income. For instance, if the investment is in a rental property then all rental income should return to your IRA account. Also, any bill payments including property taxes or renovations must be paid with the capital in your IRA.

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Now is definitely the time to get into real estate. The real estate market is in demand and we are here to offer self-directed IRA holders an opportunity to get in on lucrative real estate deals, all from our seamless platform.